Spring Hill’s Covid-19 Prevention Plan

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Campus Update

As Spring Hill students are awaiting access to a Covid vaccine, we continue to prioritize limiting the spread of the virus. We meet and exceed all of the minimum requirements and draw from multiple sources to guide us in a way that supports a robust learning experience while also balancing what science is telling us about the virus and related best practices.

100% of our Faculty and Staff are fully vaccinated and will receive booster shots at the recommended intervals.  With our small class sizes we are able to maintain ample distancing, easily monitor the use of masks and support families in navigating the complexity of daily life decisions. Here are a few highlights of our approach:

  • Masks are worn indoors, and for now, in response to the Delta virus, also outdoors
  • Lots of hand-washing
  • All eating is done outside, rain or shine
  • Daily health screenings
  • Weekly PCR testing
  • Nightly cleaning and disinfecting
  • Ample outdoor space for outdoor play 
  • Hands-free sinks and designated restrooms by cohort

Now Enrolling

Spring Hill is currently accepting applications for current year transfers and the 2022/2023 school year.  We are offering individual tours on a weekly basis and will be providing a series of virtual Open House opportunities.  Please email admissions with any questions for for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome To Spring Hill School!

Contact us to start a conversation! admissions@springhillschool.org or (831) 427-2641

Located in Santa Cruz, California, Spring Hill is an independent private school serving Kindergarten through Sixth Grade students and sending graduates well prepared onto middle school and beyond. We believe that by connecting with each student, making curriculum adjustment as needed and being to the students in front of us that children will thrive.

  • Making Connections – Our approach builds a supportive and inclusive school community. All of the teachers know all of the students and we value cross-grade experiences along with parent collaboration.
  • Versatile Curriculum – With small classes, teachers are able to keep each student moving forward from where they are.  Through shared class experiences and a team environment students see each other as resources, appreciate strengths and cheer each other on.  Integrated projects create a rich learning environment to inspire a long lasting love of learning.
  • Responsive Teaching – Teachers incorporate student interests into the classroom experience and collaborate with parents to support everyone in learning to their full potential.  Teachers have the freedom to adjust their approach and their lessons based on what they are seeing in their students – it is child inspired.

Who We Are

The education we provide is challenging and dynamic. It leads to students enjoying learning through both structured and unstructured activities. Our tenets are to foster a community of tenacious learners and compassionate humanitarians who approach life with humble confidence. We do this through a variety of individual and group experiences within and across grade levels.

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Spring Hill School - Voted Best Private School in Santa Cruz County: Individualized Education by Design - Personalized Learning. Community. Design Thinking. Whole Child Focus.

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