About Us

Out in the Community

Program Mission

To engage and inspire students with a responsive environment designed to keep each child continually moving forward on their learning trajectory while participating in a collaborative learning community.

Spring Hill has been using Design Thinking for inspiration since 2014, as we have incorporated it into our design lab inventions and into how we approach education. We have been making prototypes since our first Invention Convention in 1990, and we bring the same human-centered approach into the classroom every day.


With our small class sizes we are able to support an academic range of students from those who are at or near grade level to those who are ready for more.  Our admissions process focuses on getting to know your child and partnering with you to figure out what will work best for them.
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Spring Hill students go on to have smooth transitions to middle school and we often hear from them years later that what they learned at Spring Hill continues to serve them.  Whether you join our community at Kindergarten or transfer later on, everyone is welcomed and included from day one.

Responsive Teaching

Just as there are many styles of learning, there are many styles of teaching.  Spring Hill teachers design and cultivate a learning environment that encourages positive relationships and collaboration, fosters risk-taking and confidence, builds shared responsibility for learning, and celebrates everyone’s successes. A love of learning stems not just from pursuing what comes easily but also through the sense of accomplishment derived from being resilient, persistent and working through challenges.

Versatile Curriculum

At Spring Hill, teachers are empowered to create lessons and experiences based on what will best meet the needs of the students in front of them.  With an equal focus on the class as a whole and the students as individuals, teachers continually adjust to make sure that everyone is supported in moving forward with their next step.  Spring Hill teaches to the student, and we know we have succeeded when no one is stressed from feeling behind and no one is bored from going without challenges. It is education with no ceiling.

Compassionate Community

We believe that we grow stronger together. Spring Hill prioritizes a safe, supportive and collaborative campus culture built on strong connections. Students and families experience a sense of belonging that comes from every teacher knowing every student, from all of the students knowing each other regardless of age or grade, and through ongoing partnership with parents and guardians. Part of our putting children first means having an administration and teachers who are open and accessible and who reach out regularly. Community is teamwork.