Spring Hill’s Covid-19 Prevention Plan

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Campus Update as of 1/29/21

We continue to offer both on-campus and distance learning options, and remain focused on giving each student a positive school experience.  Spring Hill teachers have created an engaging and dynamic school year that has surpassed expectations.

  • Meeting social needs! Our approach connects teachers and students, no matter where they are.
  • Small classes, Big Learning!  Groups no larger than 12.
  • Full range of subjects! Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Cultural Studies, Design Lab, Spanish, Art & Theater.
  • Health & Wellness! Teachers incorporate movement, hands-on activities, screen breaks and more to support healthy screen time.
  • Synchronous hybrid learning. Students receive real-time lessons with at-home and on-campus learners all together.  Academics are important, and so is social time with friends.
  • Connected to each student! Teachers have daily contact (in person or online) with each student in every class period.

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades are entirely on campus. 3rd-6th Grades are doing synchronous hybrid.

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Now Enrolling

Staff and Teachers are available for admissions & enrollment for current year transfers and the 2021-2022 Academic Year.  Please email admissions for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome To Spring Hill School!

Contact us to start a conversation! admissions@springhillschool.org or (831) 427-2641

Spring Hill School provides an individualized learning environment in which each child’s unique gifts are recognized and nurtured, enabling them to reach their highest potential. Located in Santa Cruz, California, Spring Hill is an independent private school serving preschool through sixth grade students and sending graduates well prepared to middle school. Spring Hill School is the only independent design thinking elementary school of its kind on the Central Coast of California.

Who We Are

The education we provide is challenging and dynamic. It leads to students enjoying learning through both structured and unstructured activities. Our tenets are to foster a community of tenacious learners and compassionate humanitarians who approach life with humble confidence. We do this through a variety of individual and group experiences within and across grade levels.

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Spring Hill School - Voted Best Private School in Santa Cruz County: Individualized Education by Design - Personalized Learning. Community. Design Thinking. Whole Child Focus.

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