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Gung Hei Faat Coi: Happy Chinese New Year!

Understanding and celebrating other cultures is an important part of growing, learning, and becoming a compassionate humanitarian.  One way that Teacher Kim guides her students through this vital lesson is by learning about – and celebrating! –  Chinese New Year.

This year, first graders welcomed the Year of the Dog through writing and art by using the ever-important symbol of the dragon.  Each student has unleashed his/her creative juices to write his/her own “Dragon Story.”  In order to create these, students engaged the writing process by developing multiple drafts, as well as fashioning dragon artwork for their publications.  The first graders had the opportunity to share their stories with their 6th grade buddies and will be presenting their work at the Spring Hill Author’s Fair at the end of the year!

In addition to their books, the first grade class celebrated this important time in Chinese culture by parading around the school with their very own dragon.  The video above represents a small slice of the drumming, chanting, dancing, and overall fun had by our fabulous first graders.  Thanks Teacher Kim for all you do!

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