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Design Thinking… the game-changer in innovation and development.

Design thinking is a way of approaching problem solving, challenges, and maybe even life!   But what does it look like in elementary school? What does it look like in a design lab dedicated to creating and designing new inventions, prototypes, and products, by little people, with BIG ideas!  It starts with the Design Thinking Process.

Students are given real world, relevant challenges to solve.  Each class works on a variety of issues and find solutions using the Design Thinking process.

Our whole philosophy at Spring Hill is about designing everything from our organization to our student experiences to the day to day structure of how we “do” school.  Everybody engages in the process, and we are continually working to improve our design called “school”.

Kids get to show off their prototypes to various audiences, whether its through our Invention Convention, or any number of celebrations of student learning we have throughout the year.