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8:40 am Costume Parade & Spirit Squad Performance
• Please remember that students have to be able to move all day long in their costumes.
• Weapons as costume props need to be left at home. Save the gory and bloody costumes for outside of school.
• Masks may be worn in the parade only.
• When deciding on a costume please help children remember they are at school and need to still follow school dress code.
• Students are encouraged to bring a change of clothing due to weather and comfort.
Halloween Mixed Media Contests for Students!
Drop off submissions in the Social Hall on Halloween morning! They will be on display for the entire school. Don’t have time to make something at home? Make something at the carnival!
• Ideas for contest entry: Pumpkin Decorating, Halloween Style Baked Item, Halloween Diorama, Scary Story, Art of Your Choice
* Carnival * Games * Prizes * Crafts *
* FUN HAUNTED HOUSE hosted by the Super Combo Class *
* Library Open * SLIME *

250 California Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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