Our Innovative Model of Education: Individualized Education by Design

In order to support children and their needs, our organization is designed for flexibility in how we program each child’s day, what content we teach, and the environment we create for learning.  Our team of teachers already has a proven track record of providing differentiated instruction in a warm, family-like environment that inspires and equips students to reach their highest potential.  Our evolving flexibility comes from utilizing David Hanna’s Organizational Systems Model for High Performance, which gives us a framework for analyzing the organization’s strengths and challenges.  From the analysis, we design strategies and capabilities to support the structure, people, rewards, and processes.  The alignment between structure, people, rewards, and processes creates a powerful organizational culture, resulting in flexibility of the teaching team/organization to support individually designed education for all kids.  For every child we serve, we ask ourselves how we can best contribute to the child’s self-efficacy. Do they need acceleration/advancement, support services, or social-emotional development skills?  How will their interests and passions be supported? What 21st century skills are they ready to tackle? What else can we contribute?


As in the past, this year’s standardized tests show our students continuing to perform above the average range in reading, language, and math, compared to similar students across the country.

This year’s changes include shifting the structure of student grouping based on student need and interest.  Each child in the Upper School (grade 4-6) received an individually designed schedule to meet their need for acceleration, support, interests, and social development.  Our staff is filling in where their talents lend to create programs that meet the needs and interests of our students.

We are adding more technology for blended learning experiences and an Invention Design Thinking Lab where students with a passion for designing innovative creations can make those ideas a reality.  School wide STEAM days are in place throughout the school year.

Our Leadership Team consists of the Executive Director, a Dean of Students, an Instructional Coach, and a Preschool Director.  Our entire staff and Board of Directors are eager to build upon and expand our vision of personalized student learning.

By blending solid business models with research based educational techniques, we believe that we can change the course of education and keep kids as excited about coming to school and learning as they are on that first day of Kinderarten!