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Spring Hill School's Board of Directors - Marielle Warren

Marielle Warren

Acting Head of School

B.A. International Relations, Mills College
Pending Master’s in Nonprofit Administration, Louisiana State University
Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant
Continued education in Spanish, Math and Landscape Design

Marielle has a passion for education and embraces the fulfillment that comes from supporting young learners in developing their own inspirations.  Through her son attending Spring Hill, she came to know its rare value and intrinsic ability to create an environment that values academic achievement as going hand-in-hand with social and emotional development.

From growing up with a father who was a high school teacher and who showed her first hand what it looks like to make education a life’s work, to her experience with organizational design, human resources, project management and small business ownership, she brings a creative and interdisciplinary approach to her vision of what the early years of education can do to set children upon a life-long path toward engaging in their world and making valuable contributions.

Her passion for Spring Hill is palpable and her commitment is unending as she balances her life with family, knitting, exercise, gardening and finding new hobbies.  On the “to do” list are more ideas like ceramics, surfing, beach volleyball and more classes.  There is always more to learn!