We believe that we grow stronger together. Spring Hill prioritizes a safe, supportive and collaborative campus culture built on strong connections. Students and families experience a sense of belonging that comes from every teacher knowing every student, from all of the students knowing each other regardless of age or grade, and through ongoing partnership with parents and guardians. Part of our putting children first means having an administration and teachers who are open and accessible and who reach out regularly. Community is teamwork.

As we nurture compassion between and among students, we also take that compassion beyond the walls of the school. Through connections with local organizations and in-class projects, our students experience what it means to think beyond themselves and consider ways to make positive contributions to the world.

  • In our Design Lab, students learn the Design Thinking process and create solutions for real-world situations
  • We create and deliver artwork to local nursing home residents several times a year
  • The Annual Film Festival is made entirely of original student works and has become everyone’s favorite community event
  • Teachers are out at recess and lunch to help provide continuity in supporting students as they continue to learn to navigate their social world with empathy and compassion
  • Weekly Community Hour provides a chance for students to share work in progress with each other, engage in facilitated cross-grade activities and be a supportive audience
  • Conferences are held twice a year, there is written feedback three times a year, teachers send out weekly emails to the class, the school sends regular newsletters, and everyone is available for email and in-person communications throughout the year.