Just as there are many styles of learning, there are many styles of teaching. Spring Hill teachers design and cultivate a learning environment that encourages positive relationships and collaboration, fosters risk taking and confidence, builds shared responsibility for learning, and celebrates everyone’s successes. A love of learning stems not just from pursuing what comes easily but also through the sense of accomplishment derived from being resilient, persistent and working through challenges. Children thrive when they are seen.

Through responsive teaching, we enable our students to have agency over their learning path and to be comfortable self-advocating in a collaborative space. Giving and receiving feedback is an essential component to this success as teachers and community members model thoughtful and attentive communication.

Highlights of responsive teaching include:

  • Modifying approaches in the moment
  • Creating group experiences in which individual needs are still met
  • Incorporating student interests into the classroom
  • Ability to adjust assignments or expectations as needed
  • Room for independent work within the broader classroom context
  • Teach to the student, not the test