Rev. 8.17.21 – COVID Prevention Plan

Since early 2020 Spring Hill families have come together to create a safe space for their children and we have hosted students on campus since September 2020. Through a combination of prevention measures, and on campus, distance and hybrid learning, we continue to shift and respond to the ever-evolving covid landscape as needed.

As Spring Hill students are awaiting access to a Covid vaccine, we continue to prioritize limiting the spread of the virus. We meet and exceed all of the minimum requirements and draw from multiple sources to guide in a way that support a robust learning experience while also balancing what science is telling us about the virus and related best practices.

100% of our Faculty and Staff are fully vaccinated and will receive booster shots at the recommended intervals. With our small class sizes we are able to maintain ample distancing, easily monitor the use of masks and support families in navigating the complexity of daily life decisions. Here are a few highlights of our approach:

  • Masks are worn indoors, and for now, in response to the Delta virus, also outdoors
  • Lots of hand washing
  • All eating is done outside, rain or shine
  • Daily health screenings
  • Weekly PCR testing
  • Nightly cleaning and disinfecting
  • Ample outdoor space for outdoor play

COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist