At Spring Hill, teachers are empowered to create lessons and experiences based on what will best meet the needs of the students in front of them.  With an equal focus on the class as a whole and the students as individuals, teachers continually adjust to make sure that everyone is supported in moving forward with their next step.  Spring Hill teaches to the student, and we know we have succeeded when no one is stressed from feeling behind and no one is bored from going without challenges.   It is education with no ceiling.

Inspired by the principles of Design Thinking, teachers utilize a multitude of subject-matter sources and teaching modalities to create a meaningful experience for all learners. Students gain a comfort level with being at different points along the learning process, they grow their own confidence and they develop an appreciation for the contributions of their fellow classmates.

Highlights of our curriculum include:

  • Leveraging a variety of subject matter sources to create a rich and meaningful experience
  • Frequent hands-on and integrated projects to serve all students
  • Differentiated curriculum where no one has to wait and no one feels behind
  • Kindergarten has Spanish every day
  • In 1st-6th Grades all students have Art, Performance, Spanish, Design Lab and Science, in addition to the regular Language Arts, Social Studies, History and Math subjects.
  • Each trimester, classes do a Deep Dive into a selected subject. This involves spending every afternoon for the entire trimester with one of these rotating specialties: Spanish & Cultural Studies, Design Lab & Science, and Art & Performance
  • During the Deep Dives, afternoon teachers work closely with their group’s core classroom teacher to integrate and reflect in the afternoon curriculum what is being done in the core subject areas.