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Q. What is an independent school and what are the advantages?

A. Independent schools are board driven and guided by the mission statement and school philosophy. They are supported by tuition, fundraising and charitable donations. Advantages of an independent school include individualized attention, innovative curriculum, and a safe environment. Students often do better in an teaching environment in which a love for learning is fostered.

Q. Does Spring Hill School have an religious affiliation?

A. No, Spring Hill School is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with no religious affiliation. We have leased our facility from the United Methodist Church since 1977, but we are completely independent. We welcome students of all faiths and we attempt to be sensitive to all religious cultures, customs and holidays.

Q. What is the student/teacher ratio at Spring Hill School?

A. We have many classroom teachers, classroom aides and specialty teachers on campus, bringing our student/teacher ratio to approximately 1:10

Q. Do you require entrance testing?

A. We meet with all prospective students and their families Kindergarten through sixth grade. All assessments are one-on-one by appointment, with an application, teacher recommendation and report card submitted prior to the assessment. (no formal assessments are done in preschool).

Q. What is Spring Hill School’s enrollment and how many students are there in each grade?

A. Spring Hill School’s enrollment varies, but maxes out at 118, with one class per grade. The target enrollment for each grade is 16. Classes vary in size from year to year – sometimes lower, sometimes a bit higher, but capped at 18.

Q. What about homework?

A. Positive homework policy:   As stated in the research done by the National Education Association (NEA), the amount of time spent at home on a task for review should be no longer than 5-10 minutes total per grade level.  For example, in First Grade, all homework should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Homework Purposes

Extension: optional

Practice to increase skill: suggested

Connection for home and school: strongly suggested

At Spring Hill, we believe that reading should be an integral part of a child’s life outside of school.  For the primary grades, being read to is paramount to learning to be a proficient reader.  Students reading on their own as they move towards the upper grades is important for their development.

Homework should not create household or relational stress.  If homework is causing battles in your house, it’s not worth it.

Potential homework assignments:

·      Collecting and bringing materials for in-school projects

·      Science fair projects that create positive relationships between parents and child.

·      Invention Convention projects that create positive relationships between parent and child.

·      Extra practice for math in an area that might be troublesome.

·      Family topics for discussion

·      Extra practice keyboarding

Q. Do you require parent service hours and if so, how many?

A. Our policy is 25 hours of parent volunteer hours per year.

Q. Does your school require uniforms?

A. No.

Q. When can I visit Spring Hill School?

A. Our Admissions Office offers tours daily at your convenience. Call 831-427-2641 to schedule.

Q. If we apply for financial aid, will that impact the school’s admission decision?

A. Our admission process is need-blind and is completely separate from the financial aid application.

Q. Are there sports at Spring Hill School, and how does my child get involved?

A. Spring Hill School offers sports at school and after school. Our upper grades have teams in volleyball and basketball who play against other independent schools in the area.To participate in after school sports, students attend a meeting to sign up.