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Spring Hill welcomes the support of its community to continue its growth and reach its long term goals.

Spring Hill School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and welcomes donations of any size.  The programs and initiatives of the school are funded through tuition, donations and other funding sources. We receive no state or religious-based funding. All gifts are appreciated and are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


The easiest way to support Spring Hill is through financial donations.Your contributions allow our school to provide scholarships to qualifying families and to offer the unique programs the school is known for to our next generation of artists and engineers, scholars and innovators.

To make financial donations, please click on the PayPal button below.



A gift of securities allows donors to make a big impact on our school AND take full advantage of tax benefits. Because of our educational status, donors may pay no tax on appreciated assets (and neither does the school!) when stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other securities are donated.  Please consult your tax advisor.


Spring Hill receives twice the benefit when companies match their employees’ contributions.   Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match the contributions of their employees’ (and sometimes even spouses or retirees) to qualifying charitable organizations.

We have teamed up with a to make it easier for our donors to find out whether their company has a matching program.  To find out more, please visit our school page at

If you don’t see your company’s name listed, please inquire with your company’s HR department to find out if they have a matching gift program.  If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer, and give the completed form to the school office.


Many companies also have employee foundations that award grants to local non-profit organizations which are nominated by their employees.  This is a very promising source of funds for our school as the pool of potential grant applicants is limited to only those organizations specifically championed by an employee of the company.

If your employer has such a foundation, there may be an open grant application process or annual deadlines for submitting grant requests.  Spring Hill works to creatively match funding needs at the school to available grant funds, whether private, corporate, or through a foundation.  We are ready and willing to submit grant requests and proposals, even on short notice.


Another great way for your employer to make a meaningful contribution to our school is in the form of corporate sponsorship of our annual events and fundraisers.

Your company might sponsor our annual Invention Convention which takes place in the fall, in partnership with the Tech Museum of San Jose. Or, perhaps your employer will reserve a table for eight at the annual Spring Hill Parent Club auction gala in the spring.


Spring Hill Parent Club has joined the School Rewards program. Each month, Amazon will pay us up to 10% of all purchases made when you shop after following our link.

Please support us by bookmarking this link in your Internet browser — then making it the first link you click each time you shop at Amazon. Please pass it on to your friends, family, and anyone else who might like to help us raise funds when shopping at Amazon.


If you’d like to contribute to specific purposes such as technology or arts education programs, financial aid, diversity scholarships or faculty and staff retention, please contact us at (831) 427-2641.


To contribute items or professional services that are beneficial to the operation and advancement of our school, or for more information, please contact us at (831) 427-2641.


Many of our alumni students volunteer their time for Spring Hill; either on campus or at any of our annual events.  It is a way to give back and maintain their connection to our one-of-a-kind programs, faculty and staff.  It’s also a great way for high school students to fulfill their community service hours!