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Announcement as of 7/17/20

Spring Hill School will not be offering its preschool program for the coming 2020/2021 school year.

Our much loved Preschool Director, Teresa Parker, is off on a new adventure that is taking her out of the area.  We wish her all the best and only wonderful things as she strikes out on a new path.

In the midst of the realities of the pandemic, we have chosen to pause for a year.  We placed a priority on taking the time to prepare for launching our preschool under new leadership, so that we can ensure our philosophy is well reflected throughout the program.

We look forward to sharing more with you as the year progresses.


Preschool at Spring Hill School is a play-based, child-centered, Reggio Emilia-inspired program where all children’s ideas are respected and learning styles honored. We believe that through play, all learning transpires. Our teachers consider children as protagonists, communicators, and collaborators, and believe that they develop best in a safe & inviting environment.

School readiness begins with social readiness. Spring Hill is an anti-bias, inclusionary program where we cultivate strong senses of self, family pride, and appreciation for diversity. We believe that building children’s senses of justice and helping them acquire confident voices are the foundations which create solid bonds, and a close, kind community of friends.

In everything that we do at Spring Hill preschool, it is our mission to foster each child’s innate sense of wonderment and to cultivate positive perceptions, both of self and of others. Happy, inspired children are happy, inspired learners.

Preschool Vision

Guided by a vision to inspire children and create community, we provide individualized attention to each child, encouraging their own interests and abilities to blossom in a supportive environment.

Reggio Emilia Background

Founded by the visionary teacher and humanitarian, Loris Malaguzzi, the Reggio Emilia approach refers to the philosophy of early childhood education that originated in Reggio Emilia, Italy following the destruction of World War II. This unique approach to education begins with a particular and strong image of children, of adults, of education, and of life, and flows from a set of guiding principles. Reggio Emilia, is a town still thriving today, more than 50 years since the first gestures of rebuilding and advancing were made.

To learn more about Reggio Emilio, visit this resources: