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Third Grade is an incredible year where students blossom as they continue on their journey of becoming independent workers. Communication skills reach new levels and we see students emerge into critical thinkers of a whole new level. The third grade curriculum is designed to support this growth and capture the student’s interests. The approach to learning is engaging, hands on and fun.


Hours of weekly science experiments deepen students’ understanding of experimental design. A hearty materials budget provides all the components necessary to tackle ongoing projects. Cross-grade collaboration and proven FOSS curriculum help deliver quality instruction in the areas of matter, energy, electricity, and ecology. Weekly Life Lab classes deepen student knowledge of life science, gardening, and nutrition.


Students create individual characters whom they role-play for months at a time. Weekly living-history sessions have students acting out California’s history: an Ohlone hunter tracks deer and practices archery; a Spanish sailor suffers through a sea voyage; a Californio daughter embroiders a skirt hem or grinds corn; a Kentucky farmer packs up his belongings to join the wagon train. Novels, non-fiction texts, and group discussions provide students with the tangible details they need to make their role-playing as authentic as possible.


Math in third grade utilizes a number of resources based on standards outlined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. These resources differ from traditional textbooks through their emphasis on explaining one’s mathematical reasoning. The materials also explore multiple pathways towards accurate answers to complex problems. The class emphasizes place-value understanding as the fundamental building block for flexible thinking. Fluency with operations and calculations are an important component to the third grade program as well.

  • Beast Academy, published by Art of Problem Solving
  • Engage NY, published by New York State Education Department
  • Math Expressions, published by Houghton Mifflin



The third grade literacy program invites all children to become avid readers by utilizing quality literature from an extensive library. Individual reading needs are met during small group instruction. The writing-intensive curriculum balances a pursuit of inspiration with the development of technical skills. Students are happy to participate in the classroom literacy community.


Students develop self-confidence and artistic skills through daily singing and weekly dance classes. The singing augments topics from science, history, and literacy classes. A full-scale theater production gives students a unique opportunity to be on stage. Michael was an ultimate frisbee player in college and organizes a weekly PE program that provides practice in ball handling, agility, sportsmanship, competition, and running form.