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“My son started preschool at Spring Hill at the age of four. I was very nervous about leaving him in a new environment, and about how the teachers would be able to manage his severe food allergies. After meeting with the wonderful teachers, I could tell that they were very experienced and genuinely committed to making his transition welcoming and safe. This was a dramatic difference from our experience at his previous preschool. The teachers did such a good job making my son feel at home that the transition was unbelievably seamless.

This program has exceeded my expectations all year and my son has truly flourished here. His artwork, vocabulary, handwriting, social skills, and self-esteem have all developed tremendously. The creative teachers make every day new and interesting for the children.

We are so impressed with Spring Hill that we have decided to send our son here for kindergarten instead of West Lake Elementary, a highly reputable public school. The small, warm community and the individual attention he receives here are a perfect fit for him.”



“We have been absolutely thrilled with our time at Spring Hill preschool! The teachers have been extremely patient, warm, welcoming and adaptable to our son’s needs. By watching their interactions with the children, their passion for teaching and endless creativity is clearly evident. Best of all, they inspire the children to learn! At the end of each day our son excited to share about his adventures and new discoveries. As this new program continues to grow and develop, they will only extend their reach above and beyond the rest of the pre-schools in the area!”



“My daughter joined the preschool class just after her third birthday, a couple of months after the start of the school year. We felt very welcome even before her first day! Her teachers were very thoughtful about helping her with the transition to a new school and included us in two outings which gave her the chance to meet her classmates (and I their parents) before she started.  It made such a difference for my daughter to walk in and see some familiar faces on her first day, not to mention the fact that they were all very excited to welcome her.  These teachers know what they’re doing! I’ve also been very impressed at the amount of parent involvement and the sense of community that exists at Spring Hill. We’re excited for the year ahead!”