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  • Above all other reasons to choose Spring Hill: We are dedicated to loving, caring for, supporting, and encouraging kids!
  • We meet kids where they are, celebrate what they come with, and provide incredible learning opportunities to stretch and grow them.
  • We believe that every child has unique gifts and a unique mission. We believe that each child deserves an education that discovers, supports, and nourishes those gifts.
  • Our approach to personalized education sets us apart from other schools. We use a variety of teaching resources to address individual learning styles. In addition, we look at each child and develop the programs and schedules to best meet their needs.  In other words, we design education to fit kids.
  • Our small class size and low student-teacher ratio enable teachers to incorporate creative learning methodologies that are experiential and hands-on.
  • Our small school size and cross-teaching create an intimate learning atmosphere where no student can ever be invisible or “fall through the cracks.”


Spring Hill School consists of up to 118 students, plus a preschool and junior kindergarten. We have one class per grade Kindergarten through Grade 3.  Grades 4-6 become the Upper School. The target class size is 14 for preschool and junior kindergarten, 16 for grades kindergarten through grade 3, and 18 for upper school classes.  Cross-teaching enables every teacher to be involved in the education of every child at the school. In small classes, teachers and students collaborate to set individual goals, and teachers gain a genuine appreciation for each student’s abilities and interests. The faculty presents material that challenges and encourages critical thinking, problem solving, and creative expression. Teachers routinely modify lessons to address the unique needs and abilities of each student.


Spring Hill emphasizes hands-on and project based learning whenever possible. Experiential learning ensures greater knowledge and understanding and is more fun! Children learn to use research, interviews, oral presentations, multimedia resources, and extracurricular activities to answer questions they may have. Teachers plan field trips to enhance class lessons.

Regular events are planned, which expand the daily curriculum. Such events include the annual Invention Convention, Science Fair, Authors’ Fair, Talent Show, Family Science Night, musical and drama performances and other independent class assignments. Our students participate in theater productions, music concerts, sports, and academic contests in spelling, math, geography, poetry and science.

Leadership and sound social skills are taught through multi-grade activities, school mentoring, and community service. Self respect, team work, tolerance, compassion and cooperation is encouraged in every activity and interaction.