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Engineering, Teamwork and… Leprechauns?

As a design thinking school, Spring Hill provides many opportunities for students to use engineering and creative thinking to solve problems.  This month, 6th and 1st grade buddies are employing their engineering and teamwork skills to design leprechaun traps for St. Patrick’s Day.

The picture above shows the buddies working together to design a prototype for their trap, and it embodies the two vital components of this project: engineering and mentorship.  Each 6th grader mentors their 1st grade buddy in the design process, and the outcome is much more than a physical product: the 6th graders internalize the messages of tenacious learning that they communicate to their buddies, and the 1st graders feel supported.  In the words of 1st grader Diana: “I like how my big buddy cares about me.  Like last week, when I fell at recess, my big buddy came over to see if I was OK.”  This special project is a favorite all-around.  And, watch out leprechauns – the Spring Hill students are coming for you!

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