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Helping Families Plan Ahead

Prior to enrolling, each family will receive an individualized tuition.  A family’s tuition will be capped at this amount for three consecutive school years.  After three years, an individualized tuition will be set again for the next three years.

For each school year, a maximum tuition will be identified.  No tuition will exceed this amount.

Academic Year 2020/2021, no tuition will exceed $19,500.
(There is a non-refundable deposit that counts toward tuition*)

  • Why individualized tuition?  Spring Hill believes in the importance of planning ahead. We want to provide families with the ability to plan for their child’s future and not wonder every year how tuition will impact their lives.  We want families to have as much information as possible, as soon as possible, to be able to make confident choices. Conversely, this also helps Spring Hill to plan more easily from one year to the next.
  • What is individualized tuition?  All families are given the option to accept the maximum tuition.  All families also have the option of requesting a tuition review. Tuition is based on financial, economic and exceptional circumstances. Ultimately, tuition outcomes also reflect the school’s need to meet its fiscal obligations as well. 
  • What is the process?  After completing the application process, and upon acceptance, any family requesting a tuition review will be asked to create an account through FACTS (our tuition management system).  Family’s will then receive an enrollment contract indicating the tuition. No family will be asked to make a legal commitment, without also knowing the financial commitment.   A family may create their FACTS account and submit financial information at anytime.Spring Hill only requests W2 information and does not require full tax returns.  Families are welcome to provide any additional relevant information.

(* Deposits will be adjusted according to the set tuition, no deposit will exceed $1,000, and deposits will count toward tuition.)

To Request a Review